Xterra Wetsuits Swim Buoy – Swim Safety Float and Drybag for Open Water Swimmers Triathletes Kayakers Snorkelers, Open Water Swim Buoy Float for Safer Swim Training (PVC 15 Liter Orange)

Price: $19.00
(as of Mar 18,2023 18:56:15 UTC – Details)


Swim safe and smart this year in the open water. Whether you are swimming alone or with a group, the XTERRA High-Vis SWIM BUOY will help keep you visible in the water. Take it with you on all your open water adventures to alert boats and other watercraft of your location. Stuff any items you want to take with you inside the swim buoy and they will stay dry. Just strap the safety product around your waist and set off on your ocean excursion with peace of mind. This is not a floatation device. Always swim with a buddy. Know your surroundings. Don’t swim outside your ability.

Dimensions (24″ x 10″) Capacity: 15L
Safe Place to Float and Rest. Because of the natural buoyancy, the Xterra Wetsuits swimming safety float can be used as a temporary flotation device. You have reassurance that in case you cramp up or simply need rest, you are able to grab the float.
Very light to bring with you on a paddleboard or kayak trip. While the Xterra Wetsuits Swim Buoy does not replace a PFD (personal floatation device) or a swim life vest, widely used by standup paddle boarders (SUP) and kayakers, the Xterra Wetsuits Swim Buoy is very lightweight (only 10 oz) to bring along for a refreshing swim workout in the open water. Add a light or blinker inside the float. Swim with a friend!
Storage of Personal Items. Your new Xterra Wetsuits Swim Buoy is useful in point to point swims. Fastened to your waist by a belt with a tether line, the Xterra Wetsuits Swim Buoy has a storage compartment that is separate from the Inflatable Air Chamber. What do our athletes put in the buoy? Sunglasses, sunscreen, body glide, extra cap and goggles, clothes, diving mask, snorkel, waterproof camera or waterproof phone.
Improved Monitoring of Athletes. If you want to keep an eye on your swim buddies or make sure that other swimmers are still in the race, spectators, officials, and lifeguards alike will appreciate the ability to see the swimmers from afar with the Xterra Wetsuits swimming safety float. Be seen in the waves with your new swim buoy.

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